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American Megatrends VIA694T/686B Driver

American Megatrends Inc. American Megatrends Inc. American TravelMate K7S41GX Uknown VIAT/B VIAX/A EZ AMI Computers, To Be Filled By O.E.M., 2, , 2, American Megatrends Inc. VIAT/B, 11, , 12, American. Jul 18, , American Megatrends Inc. VIAT/B, Intel Pentium III MHz, , 1, Windows bit, Jul 18, , Linux PC (Intel(R).


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American Megatrends VIA694T/686B Driver

The IR connection can be used to transfer files to or from portable devices like laptops, PDAs, and printers. The features of the hardware monitor subsystem include: An integrated ambient temperature sensor Fan speed sensors, which monitor the fan 1 American Megatrends VIA694T/686B fan 2 connector.

Power supply voltage monitoring to detect levels above or below acceptable values When suggested ratings for temperature, fan speed, or voltage are exceeded, an American Megatrends VIA694T/686B is activated. This feature uses the Wake on LAN connector.

Failure to provide adequate standby current when implementing Wake on LAN can damage the power supply. You are about American Megatrends VIA694T/686B install and connect your new Motherboard. Do not unpack the Motherboard from its protective anti-static packaging until you have made the following preparations. Socket processor with built-in CPU cooling fan boxed type.

SY-7VBAU Motherboard - PDF

This Motherboard supports non-boxed type CPUs. DIMM memory module s 3. Computer case and chassis with adequate power supply unit 4. Monitor 5.

Speaker s optional 8. Disk Drives: External Peripherals: Printer, American Megatrends VIA694T/686B, and Modem optional Internal Peripherals: Do not unpack the Motherboard from its anti-static packaging until you are ready to install it. Like most electronic equipment, your Motherboard may be damaged by electrostatic discharge.

To avoid permanent damage to components ground yourself while working by using a grounding American Megatrends VIA694T/686B. Otherwise, ground yourself frequently by touching the unpainted portion of the computer chassis to drain the static charges.

Handle the Motherboard carefully, holding it by the edges. You are now ready to start the installation.


Please follow the step-by-step procedure designed to lead you to a complete and correct installation. Turn off the power to the Motherboard, system chassis, and peripheral devices before performing any work on the Motherboard or system. The American Megatrends VIA694T/686B set is used to hold the processor attached to the Socket CPU connector on the motherboard.

Drivers for American Megatrends VIAT/B

Mark your CPU Frequency: To mount the Pentium, Celeron TM, Tualatin processor that you have purchased separately, follow these instructions. American Megatrends VIA694T/686B the socket handle up to a vertical position. Align the blunt edge of the CPU with the matching pinhole distinctive edge on the socket. American Megatrends VIA694T/686B the processor in the socket completely and without forcing. Then close the socket handle to secure the CPU in place. The fan is a key component that will ensure system stability.


Mount the fan on the processor American Megatrends VIA694T/686B to the instructions provided by the manufacturer. The fan prevents overheating, therefore prolonging the life of your CPU. Remember to connect the fan to the appropriate power source. Supports American Megatrends VIA694T/686B ECC single-bit error correction and multi-bit detection or EC error checking capability separately selectable on a bank-by-bank basis.

PC stops at Perfoming automatic IDE configuration problem. Can not even go into setup mode

This Motherboard can support up to four HDDs. Connect American Megatrends VIA694T/686B side of the pin flat cable to the floppy drive and plug the other end to the floppy drive connector on the Motherboard.

Power LED Please install American Megatrends VIA694T/686B to the following pin assignment: Reset Plug the Reset push-button cable into the 2-pin Reset header on the Motherboard. Pushing the Reset button on the front panel will cause the system to restart the boot-up sequence.

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Only after you have fixed and locked the Motherboard to the computer case can you start connecting the external peripheral devices.

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