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Axiomtec P2175-850 Driver

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Axiomtec P2175-850 Driver

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The heat spreader isthermally coupled to the CPU die or package surface, it may also be coupledto other heat generating devices on the module. The heat spreader is thethermal interface surface for most of the heat generated Axiomtec P2175-850 the module. The heat spreader is not intended as a heat sink, although it may be suitablefor this purpose on low power modules operating under benign conditions.

Higher power modules, or higher temperature conditions, will require heatremoval devices e. Thermal dissipation variesconsiderably among ETX modules and proper heat removal from the heatspreader plate is an essential consideration for any Axiomtec P2175-850 design.

For maximumflexi-bility ETX cooling methods should be secured to as much of the heatspreader plate area as possible, since the location of the CPU Axiomtec P2175-850 vary amongdifferent ETX module designs. Although the STX moduleis configured Axiomtec P2175-850 various functions and power schemes, it always needs tobe configured through its output interface and work with the baseboard.

TheSTX baseboard provides a docking station for the STX module, supplies themodule with power, and has peripheral interfaces and expansion slots. In order for the STX module to fit properly on the baseboard, Axiomtec P2175-850 space isneeded between the two for components. Axiomtec P2175-850


The STX module uses 4. Please note that somecomponents may not be compatible with this specific configuration.

The following diagram andtable shows assembly combinations for stacking heights, as well as 4 differentconfigurations for the STX module and baseboard. The STX module uses 6. This ensures betterand more flexible designs in the future. V2 max. In the following mechanical Axiomtec P2175-850, the bottom view is Axiomtec P2175-850 as seen from the bottom side.


The bottom side is Axiomtec P2175-850 opposite side. Thetop view of the STX baseboard is defined as the view of the top side.


Thebottom view is a view of the bottom side. In the following mechanicaldiagram, only the receptacles and mounting holes are defined. Thedimensions are defined for a "minimal" configuration, Axiomtec P2175-850 a system designercan use any dimensions that will fit the application needs.

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AppendixFigure 3. The inner threads in the holes are 3x5mm. Wide TemperatureETX 3.

The 3. The Nano-ITX board is thehighly efficient embedded board to provide best performance per watt and bestperformance per mm 2.

Advancesin semiconductor density, packaging technology, Axiomtec P2175-850 connector technologyhave made this possible. The 4. Certain zones havea specified vertical dimension so as to avoid conflict with an adjacent board orcable assembly.

It is split into Zone 1A and Zone 1B for atotal length of 5. This Axiomtec P2175-850 extends from inside the mounting holes onthe bottom of the board.

美芯商城为您提供Axiomtek生产的工控嵌入式系统产品, 工控嵌入式系统 -- 美芯商城_金沙彩票平台_金沙彩票网_金沙彩票-官方指定入口

Its depth extends to 1. It will support industrystandard 0. Axiomtec P2175-850 is a 0. Max EPIC component height 0.

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