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AT8XC5122 Driver

The new AT8xC and AT83C join Atmel's line up of AT8xC Cbased one-chip solutions currently used in serial smart card readers for mobile. AT89C51RD2 AT80C51FP1 AT80C51I2 AT80C51RA2 AT80C51RD2 AT80C51U2 AT89S51 AT87C51 AT87C AT8xC AT80C AT8xC/23 products are high-performance CMOS derivatives of the 80C51 8-bit microcontrollers designed for USB smart card reader applications.


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AT8XC5122 Driver

Atmel Corporation AT8XC5122 - two ways of downloading and installing the driver

Please refer to AT8XC5122 enumeration process application note. The developer can change the translation between the keyboard map and the HID comprehensive bytes.


The developer can add AT8XC5122 features by adding new tasks in the scheduler. As it is written in the file names, AT8XC5122 enumeration process is specific for this application because some HID specific messages require the default control endpoint. However, this enumeration process management can easily be adapted for other applications. The low level library gives an easy and comprehensive access to the USB AT8XC5122. The SCIB management uses two different libraries: The information in this document is provided in connection with Atmel products.

AT8XC5122 license, express or implied, by estoppel or otherwise, to any intellectual property right is granted by this document or in connection with the sale of Atmel products. Detach Simulation In order to be re. Data Frame Format Mode. Internal Baud Rate Genera. Slave Address Mask Regist.

Full-duplex Master-Slave. This format may.

Atmel AT8xC5122

Serial Peripheral Control. Mode 3 Two 8-bit AT8XC5122 Mode 3 co.

Timer 0 High Byte Registe. Power Reduction Mode Registers AT8XC5122 i. Keyboard Level AT8XC5122 R. Interrupt Control Syste.

Registers Table Interrupt Enabl. Interrupt Enable Registe. AT8XC5122 Priority Low R. Interrupt Priority High. Microcontroller Reset Introduction.

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Static behaviour of POR. Reset Controlled by an External Sup. Watchdog Timer AT8XC5122 Regis. Power Management Before activating. The AT8x C51 22 is proposed in four versions: At power-up, the program located in the flash memory is transferred into the CRAM then executed. This pin has an internal 10K pull-up resistor AT8XC5122 allows the device to be reset by connecting a capacitor between this pin and VSS.

The output is active for at least 12 oscillator periods when an internal reset occurs. The V REF voltage is controlled by software. Output of the on-chip inverting oscillator amplifier To use the internal oscillator, a crystal circuit must be connected to this AT8XC5122.


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