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American Power Conversion USB Driver

Download the latest drivers for your American Power Conversion USB UPS to keep your Computer up-to-date. I found a similar case (re: a different model of UPS, but still USB) that had been solved by the voodoo method of changing the USB port. Here is a step by step manual guide for American Power Conversion USB UPS (Apcupsd) software installation process on Windows 7 / Vista / XP. 1 Download.


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American Power Conversion USB Driver

For the most part, they have programmable EEPROM, report supported commands and capabilites, and should work just fine with the apcsmart driver.

Your only option to support it through NUT is to purchase a "legacy communications card" - part AP google 'AP' for American Power Conversion USB details. If you have one of these "Nobreaks", they will not work with the apcsmart driver - please see the solis 8 driver instead. If you have UPS with both USB and serial ports, then depending on how you connect it, you will need either apcsmart or usbhid-ups driver.

If your xx24X cable is broken or missing, use this diagram to build a clone: The "X" is a letter representing the minor revision of the physical cable and its connectors "C" and "E" American Power Conversion USB commonly found revisions. All minor revisions should use the same pin-outs and wiring. You can specify alternate cable in ups.

S soft hibernate This is most basic command present in probably all APC models. It will hibernate the UPS, and subsequently wake it up when the mains supply returns.

No grace periods, no min. This is probably not what you want. The delay is counted from the power's return. Immediately before issuing S, "simulate power failure" is issued.

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The remaining behaviour is as in S case. It's better to use nnn command if your UPS supports it and is not too old, see below. The option takes 3 digits argument which can be used to specify additional wakeup delay in 6 minute units. Another thing to consider with "old" models - you might lose the connection with the UPS, until it wakes up with American Power Conversion USB, the serial connection is kept alive.

APC (American Power Conversion) UPS Batteries at Batteries Plus Bulbs

UPS will not power up if it's running on batteries, contrary to what "old" models used to do - the combined delay is counted from the moment of power return. Supposedly there exist models that take 2 digits instead of 3. Just in case, NUT also supports such variation.

You have to provide American Power Conversion USB 2 digits to trigger it awd option, or argument to one of the supported instant commands. K delayed poweroff This is permanent poweroff - the UPS will not wake up automatically. Z instant poweroff This is also permanent poweroff - the UPS will not wake up automatically. The poweroff is executed immediately.

See below for details. Methods listed are tried in turn until one of them succeedes.


Note that the meaning of digits is different from sdtype. If you provide exactly 2 digits, the driver will try 2 digits variation see previous section for more info. Mon Oct 04 Cannot communicate with UPS via serial port.


That's wrong! After starting apcupsd we get the message: No such file or directory Why this?

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