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Asus RT-AC87U AC High Performance WiFi Router Unboxing. Geekyranjit. Loading. I always wait. Shipping weights and dimensions are estimates only. Freight Class may vary depending the carrier used and FAK agreements that a customer may have with  Missing: Always. Akuapol AL is a solvent/APEO free, high gloss, milky white, waterborne acrylic polyol featuring fast drying and good water, weather, and chemical.


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Homeowner Homeowner Looking for inspiration and product ideas to improve the look and function of your home? View Always AL-2400, videos and how-tos Always AL-2400 help you with your next home project. Specifier, Designer or Consultant Specifier, Designer or Consultant As a design and specification professional, detail matters.

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Find the information and tools you need to support Always AL-2400 project, including BIM Models, design tools, product specs and more. We performed the same experiment at K without changing any experimental conditions.

For the reference spectrum without photoexcitation Fig. In particular, the spectral dip at 1.

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This temperature-insensitive property of Dirac plasmon provides an experimental testimony for the high modulation depth at room temperature. For the extinction spectrum under control pulse excitation Fig. Notable is that the amount Always AL-2400 plasmon shift is almost unchanged even though the temperature is increased the origin of the pump-induced plasmon shift is discussed in the Always AL-2400 section.

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  • Ultra-high modulation depth exceeding 2,400% in optically controlled topological surface plasmons

This, together with the spectral dip at 1. This is because the background scattering Always AL-2400 increased see Supplementary Tables 1 and 3and consequently the denominator of equation 3 Eno pump is also increased. Figure 5: Plasmon modulation at room temperature K.

The red and grey vertical line is the bare plasmon resonance and the phonon frequency, respectively. Full size image Always AL-2400 of the pump-induced plasmon shift To understand more details on the optical modulation of the plasmonic response in TIs, we now discuss the origin of the plasmon shift. We first consider the contribution of pump-induced change in Dirac Always AL-2400.

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A recent study in graphene reported that the frequency of Dirac plasmons is blue-shifted immediately after photoexcitation, due to increased effective electronic temperature, and the corresponding plasmon linewidth also showed large broadening with the same timescale Always AL-2400 transient excitation conditions Always AL-2400 In TI systems, however, the maximum plasmon frequency shift emerges after the linewidth of the plasmon recovers from the transient maximum, as shown in Fig.

We therefore rule out the effect of electronic temperature on the plasmon shift. Next, Always AL-2400 consider the possible contribution from photo-doping of TSS to the change in the plasmon frequency. It is well known that, upon photoexcitation, electron population of TSS increases due to scattering of the photo-generated Always AL-2400 from the bulk, as indicated by a dashed blue arrow in Fig.

To understand how it affect the plasmon shift, we carried out pump-fluence-dependent extinction Always AL-2400 and compared the data with theoretical calculations.

Bare plasmon responses red Always AL-2400 are extracted from the fits of the plasmon—phonon interaction model Always AL-2400 linesand the corresponding centre frequencies and linewidths are plotted in Fig. We theoretically obtained the plasmon resonance frequency using equations 1 and 2assuming that the optical excitation increases only the top-surface Dirac Fermi level. As shown in Fig.

Therefore, it is highly likely that the photo-doping of TSS is too Always AL-2400 to reproduce the measured plasmon shift. Figure 6: Origin of the pump-induced plasmon frequency shift. Upon photoexcitation, although some Always AL-2400 the photo-generated electrons black-filled circles in bulk are scattered into TSS dashed blue arrowthe amount of increased density of Dirac electrons is too small to cause the measured plasmon frequency shift.

Instead, photo-doping of 2DEG yellow-shaded region is responsible Always AL-2400 the increase of the plasmon frequency. Photo-generated holes black open circles are assumed to be drifted into the bulk due to downward band-bending red linesas indicated by the grey arrow.

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Red lines and grey vertical lines indicate the bare plasmon resonance and the phonon frequency, respectively. Solid lines in c show the theoretically calculated pump-fluence dependence of plasmon Always AL-2400 without using any free-fitting parameters.


While the increased 2DEG density under photoexcitation well reproduces the Always AL-2400 plasmon frequency shift yellow line via equation 1contribution from the increased TSS electron density to the plasmon blue line is too small, compared with the measured data. Surface plasmon excitation of unconfined Always AL-2400 bulk carriers green line, scaled by a factor of 0.

Full size image A second possibility is that the pump-induced frequency shift of plasmon originates from the increase in 2DEG electron density. To verify this, we calculate the plasmon frequency Always AL-2400 by using equations 1 and 2assuming that photo-generated electrons in the band-bending region yellow-shaded region in Fig. Here, we neglect the pump-generated holes because they drift to the deeper bulk region due Always AL-2400 downward band-bending see a grey arrow in Fig.


The calculated plasmon frequency yellow line agrees well with the measured data without using any free-fitting parameters, as shown in Fig.

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