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Alloy 7000P3-F Driver

VGASTEREO-F/X CAM P9, CAM P9, CAM F DANPEX CORPORATION ENP3 · DANPEX FARPOINT COMMUNICATIONS F/PORT. BRIGHTRAY alloy F is an electrical-resistance alloy composed of nickel-chromium-iron. It is capable of operating continuously at temperatures  Missing: P BRIGHTRAY® alloy F is a nickel-iron-chromium electrical-resistance alloy for use at temperatures up to. °F (°C) under continuous operating conditions  Missing: P


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Alloy 7000P3-F Driver

Weight and balance makes this spraygun anexcellent choice for a comfortable repetitive strain free day in a busy modern body shop enviroment.

This superb spraygundelivers a consistent droplet size when atomizing, combine this with the sprayguns flat even fan patternand this Alloy 7000P3-F help reduce the common issues ie: These issues Alloy 7000P3-F due to too much clear coat in one area caused by centre heavy fan patterns. This gun takes spraying modern day waterbased basecoats and HS clear coats to another level.


HD suits solvent. Available as standard, Pro kit, and Super kit.

WS Spray Alloy 7000P3-F. The improved design with side-mounted cup, high-transfer efficiency control and superior atomization. New air cap design with increased pattern shape stability improves atomization and decreases mottling and blotching.

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The ergonomic gun body design combined with lighter weight helps to Alloy 7000P3-F painter fatigue. If you want premier league with all set ups avialble, this is as cheap as it gets.

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Comes with a standard cc cup, lid and filter, cleaning brushes and a spanner. Technical Specifications Air pressure: Technical Specifications — Air pressure: A nice gun, good results, innovative extras, swivel, gauge, quick release set up. Alloy 7000P3-F with a 1.

See drop down box for Alloy 7000P3-F. In addition, Quick-Clip technology provides fast, Alloy 7000P3-F removaland installation of the needle without changing the gun settings. Optimal spray pressure: Stainless steel Weight without gravity cup: Runs off small 25lt etc.

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Tested here and recommended by our sprayers for those with small compressor. Also cellulose, synthetic topcoat 1. Tested by us, good results for the price.


Very slight orange peel finish, but no gun that runs off a small compressor gives a better finish. Available as 1.

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Please select from the dropdown box. PPS adaptor part no. A new body with improved ergonomics.


Sagola step up a level to compete at the very highest level with no design issues we can see. Sagola presents its top Alloy 7000P3-F expression in bodywork finishing spray guns. Alloy 7000P3-F a smaller and lighter design, it gives the end user optimal weight distribution and a more comfortable feel.

The new shiny and modern design looks the part. The carefully designed ergonomics which offer enviable balance and usability and perfect mechanisation.

The Xtreme offers the widest range of solutions for all the new paints launched by the main paint brands for refinishing. Alloy 7000P3-F has one of the highest Sagola manufacturing standards, competitive prices whilst maintaining a superb service. We have an initial mixed stock of 20 Alloy 7000P3-F may sell out quickly and any not in stock will be another few days.

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