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AMI Pentium & Dual Pentium PCI Motherboards: "Atlas PCI-II" Baby -AT, Master IDE (4 drives), Serial, EPP/ECP Parallel, PS2 Mouse Port, 4 ISA/4PCI (7 w/o CPUs:$/$ (/51 2k) AMI RAID: "MegaRAID" 3-Channel Fast. There's also a symbios/lsi/ncr 53c chipset onboard, I don't see it otherwise . The safest thing to do is to use "ide=nodma" as kernel option (during the. Product Specification Chassis lock Integrated IDE RAID Controller AMI MegaRAID IDE, with RAID levels 0 and Product Highlights: Weight 1.


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The first time I managed to complete the install and booted, all critical bootup components were intact, and I managed to get to the shell, but that's just about it, filesystem was too badly corrupted in order to do any sensible work.


Them I managed to complete the install, but the system refused to boot hung before loading system services. Next try the install completed, and the system booted one service failed, most likely due to corrupted binary-file but trying to log in caused oops So, most likely this is a kernel bug maybe related AMI MegaRAID IDE the megaraid driver or fs operations.

And on both of these machines RH70 installs just fine, so I think kernel 2. Comment 2 Arjan van de Ven What version s did you try exactly?

We've put a LOT of effort in the kernel to make it usable for wider use; just look AMI MegaRAID IDE the number of patches for bugfixes in our kernel. Comment 3 ville.

Kernel boot-information was on my first mail, here's lspci -v: American Megatrends Inc.: Unknown device rev 20 Subsystem: Hewlett-Packard Company: Unknown device 60e8 Flags: Yes, I'm sure you have done excellent work trying to stabilize 2. AMI MegaRAID IDE was mostly referring to Linus 2.


Comment 4 Arjan van de Ven AMI MegaRAID IDE I haven't checked the controller yet, since they are packed quite tightly in a rack However, the servers are brand new and were physically installed just last week by HP, so I suppose they would have known if the servers had had faulty components on them. I think I don't dare to open the case myself, but I might verify this from HP the next time they are around.

Comment 6 Brian Brock Adaptec AICU rev 02 The Adaptec AMI MegaRAID IDE does not have drives attached, and the aic7xxx module is unused and unloaded without bad consequences to the running system. System boot reports this: SCSI subsystem driver Revision: HP Model: E Type: No FS problems detected on system reboot with fsck forced, either.

Comment 8 ville. At least the bootup sequence would suggest it isn't, since at least the raid processors seem to be different.

In lp2k the raid is not integrated, but sold as an addon.

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