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The average annual rainfall in Beijing is about ~ mm, which is one of “BJ” (red), “TJ,” and “HB” indicated Beijing and Tianjin metropolitan city . 21 July and simulated reflectivity at (b) and (d) UTC 21 July. The rainfall and sunshine duration are above mm and over h per year, respectively. Four doses of urea N fertilization (N1: 0 kg ha. A brief trip to Beijing by U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer and . Support is at , , and July, with resistance at , , and


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Recent studies have shown that high levels of heavy metal pollution resulted from wastewater irrigation and the application of wastewater sludge to farmland in some parts Beijing HB-1800 this region [ 134043 Beijing HB-1800. In addition, the measurement of heavy metals was only conducted during a single year in this study.

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Some studies have shown that seasonal emissions of industry can impact the redistribution of heavy metals Beijing HB-1800 a region [ 4 ]. The period of anthropogenic activities may be another potential contributor to the observed seasonal variation in heavy metal concentrations.

We suggest that the next challenge is to understand the underlying atmospheric processes that lead to these spatial and seasonal variations of heavy metal concentrations. It is also critical to Beijing HB-1800 tools and technologies for modeling and predicting Beijing HB-1800 trends of heavy metal accumulation.

This study investigated the heavy metal concentrations in different land use types around the Beijing metropolis. The pollution levels and ecological risks associated Beijing HB-1800 Cd were found to be higher than other heavy metals in all land use types.

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We also observed that concentrations of Pb, Ni, and Zn Beijing HB-1800 from the pre- to post-rainy season while those of Cd, Cr, and Cu decreased during this period. The results of this study indicated that the impact of land use on heavy metal risks was not statistically significant.

We inferred Beijing HB-1800 the atmospheric transport may play a key role in the distribution of heavy metals Beijing HB-1800 this region. The further improvement of coupled models of atmospheric processes and industrial emission will be helpful to better understand the accumulation of heavy metals around the Beijing metropolis. The authors would like to thank Dr.


Yuhe Ji, Dr. Zhaoming Wang, and Dr.

Linyuan Shang for their assistance with field sampling. The authors Beijing HB-1800 also grateful to the reviewers for providing fruitful comments and suggestions.

Conceived and designed the experiments: RS LC. Performed the experiments: Analyzed the data: Wrote the paper: Browse Beijing HB-1800 Areas? Click through the PLOS taxonomy to find articles in your field.

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Beijing HB-1800 The topsoil around Beijing metropolis, China, is experiencing impacts of rapid urbanization, intensive farming, and extensive industrial emissions. May 9, Copyright: Introduction Excessive accumulation of heavy metals is not only toxic to animals and plants [ 12 ], but Beijing HB-1800 also lead to elevated heavy metal intake in humans through the food chain [ 3 ].


Soil chemical analyses The soil samples were first air-dried, crushed, and sieved through Beijing HB-1800 1 mm mesh at room temperature. Assessment method of pollution and ecological risk The pollution index PI associated with heavy metals can be assessed using the measured and background concentrations [ 12836 ].

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Results and Discussion Physical Beijing HB-1800 chemical properties of samples This study was implemented in a large basin topography characterized by various natural and anthropogenic features. Table 1. Table 2.

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