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ALVA Braille Display Driver

The Alva BC braille controller by Optelec. 23, views. Text-to-Speech Optelec. This article evaluates the features of two of the newest braille displays on the market. Though the functionality of these displays varies, depending on which. ALVA BC Braille Display Alerting Systems for iOS Devices as Accessibility Accessories listed on powered by Teltex providing Solutions for.


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ALVA Braille Display Driver

Alva BC Braille Display

These controls represent eight braille input keys and two spacebars. The product connects to a computer using either a USB or a serial port.

The back panel contains both these ports, as well as a switch for controlling which port is currently active. For laptop users, the minikeyboard ALVA Braille Display be detached and the top panel can be slid back, creating an extended shelf. Although ALVA Braille Display procedure is well described in the manual, we found the process difficult to perform when we evaluated the product.

The triple-action keys, for example, are used by both packages to move up or down one line.


Scrolling within a line is accomplished by using either the left or right spacebar. Although most of these key combinations worked well, we found a few of them to be ALVA Braille Display than intuitive. In JAWS for Windows, for example, pressing the middle of the left triple-action key and pressing down on the right triple-action key is the command to simulate an ALT Tab.

Pressing the middle of the left triple-action key ALVA Braille Display pressing up on the right triple-action key simulates a Delete key.


When we evaluated the product, more than one item was accidentally deleted when we tried to switch between applications. While in display mode, the ALVA Braille Display input keys on the front of the Braille Star are used to toggle many popular screen-reader functions, such as the grade of braille being displayed. It is important to note that these braille input keys can be used only to input text to the Braille Star's internal editor.

They cannot be used to braille text directly into the word processor on ALVA Braille Display PC.

While evaluating the product, we found that the angle and texture of the braille input keys made it uncomfortable to enter braille for an extended period. Regardless of how you enter text, you have Braille Star's editor at your disposal. This is a fully functioning editor with a variety of features, such as cut and copy, insert or overtype modes, and the ability to set up to 10 bookmarks per file.

Files can be sent between the ALVA Braille Display Star 40 and a PC ALVA Braille Display a supplied communications program.

These files can be either text files or Grade ALVA Braille Display braille files, such as web-braille books. The Braille Star 40 has four megabytes of available memory for storing such files. Once a file is stored, it can be viewed, opened for editing, or deleted.

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The Braille Star does not give you the ability to rename files or to organize them in any type of directory structure. The Braille Star 40 does not have any type of braille-translation capabilities.

That is, files are stored and transmitted exactly as they are ALVA Braille Display. So, if you use the braille input keys to compose a document and transmit that document to your PC, you will have a document in Grade 2 braille on your computer.

Use an Alva braille display with Narrator

Or if you send a text file to the Braille Star, you will have to read that document in computer braille. Menu System While in editor mode, the Braille ALVA Braille Display offers an extensive menu system.


These menus can be used to save and retrieve files, check the status of the device, change numerous options, and load different ALVA Braille Display tables. Braille Star uses braille tables to decide which dots should make up each braille character for menus and messages.

This feature comes in handy when you are working with multiple languages. The Braille Star 40 is powered by four user-replaceable rechargeable batteries. According to the manual, when fully charged, these batteries should last for approximately 20 hours ALVA Braille Display use.

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