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AnMo Electronics Dino-Lite AM211 Driver

DinoCapture for Windows / Installation. When do I need a driver to operate my Dino-Lite? For Dino-Lite AM, AM, AM series, Dino-Lite Plus series (AM3XX), 安鵬科技(股)有限公司 著作權所有 Copyright © AnMo Electronics. AM - read user manual online or download in PDF format. software is provided for use with a Dino-Lite digital mi- croscope supplied by AnMo Electronics. Download the latest AnMo Electronics Microphone device drivers (Official and Certified). AnMo Electronics Microphone drivers updated daily. Download Now.


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AnMo Electronics Dino-Lite AM211 Driver

Jetting frequency did not affect the jet stability as the jetting voltage and the vacuum level were the main factors [12]. Although caprolactam dominated the reactive mixtures, sys- tematic jetting trials showed that AnMo Electronics Dino-Lite AM211 jet array stability behaviour with the catalyst mixture was not as repeatable [12]. This was Fig.

Due to the concern over the were varied from The high-speed mixture, jetting trials with this mixture was carried out after 1, camera was able to record about 3 s of each trial, in which 2, 3 and 4 ml of melt was purged through the printhead, known a single nozzle was actuated continuously. The images were here as melt supply levels. Results showed the melt supply level analysed to characterise the meniscus oscillation at the start had no AnMo Electronics Dino-Lite AM211 on jet array stability.

The droplet individually deposited droplets at AnMo Electronics Dino-Lite AM211 melt levels shape evolution, droplet size and velocity were quantitative- [13].

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AnMo Electronics Dino-Lite AM211 4 shows microscopic images of two consecu- ly analysed. For the droplet velocity, the distance that the tively deposited droplets at each melt supply level. Image droplet centre travelled was determined from two consecu- analysis was used to quantitatively study the microcrystals. The characterisations were undertaken levels, and that they were relatively consistent.


Jetting voltage and frequency 3. However, droplets were formed with Jetting frequency was found to have no significant effect on the droplet formation and its reliability.

Dino-Lite AM211 User Manual

Figure 5 shows an activa- tor mixture droplet being formed at the start of a trial. The droplet formed a tail when separating from the nozzle at all AnMo Electronics Dino-Lite AM211, and its reflection is seen on the nozzle plate in Fig.

Another feature of the figure is two visible spots on the AnMo Electronics Dino-Lite AM211 nozzles. Due to the shared-wall feature used in the ink channels architecture in the printhead, a partial deformation of the adjacent ink channels was made upon nozzle actuation.

This was a mechanical cross-talk between the nozzles and did Fig. Having the meniscus inside the nozzle could the tail formation and evolution processes. The droplet tail deviate the tail, slightly upon separation from the meniscus in either rejoined to the droplet head or disintegrated into small the nozzle as seen in Fig.

Dino-lite digital microscope

Table 1 presents the tail disintegration symmetric to the adjacent nozzles. The distance With voltages higher than The tail disintegration into satellites for the AnMo Electronics Dino-Lite AM211 was seen AnMo Electronics Dino-Lite AM211 form of a change of jet trajectory, and in some tures occurred at Figure 6 shows such Figure 8 shows the results for the catalyst mixture droplet case where the trajectory is seen to have changed to the right size where different melt supply levels were investigated.

The Figure 9 also shows the droplet size variation with voltage trajectory error increased to a constant level then after.


The Formation of a wetting area on the right of the nozzle is results for all of these conditions were almost the same, with also seen in the sequence. The droplet velocity increased with the Fig. The melt level did not affect the droplet velocity considerably.

Dino-Lite Digital Microscope Application 安鵬科技

No velocity results are seen for 2 and 3 ml melt levels at Compared with the catalyst quickly after the start due to instabilities. The noticed during the high-speed imaging. Therefore, the first ten effect of vacuum level on the velocity was clear.

Increasing the droplets of each trial were characterised for the droplet veloc- vacuum level from 15 to 35 mbar decreased the droplet ity as shown in Fig. The velocity versus droplet number at different voltages and melt vacuum level affects the meniscus shape and therefore the supply levels.

This could be face tension. Due to the higher surface tension of the nozzle due to the difference in the meniscus condition before and plate than the jetting materials, the vacuum applied AnMo Electronics Dino-Lite AM211 after the first nozzle actuation. The meniscus was at rest before form a concave meniscus inside the nozzle.

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Increasing the generating the first droplet; whereas with the other droplets, vacuum level could increase the surface area of the meniscus there could be some residual oscillations on the meniscus from [16]. This means a higher total surface energy of the meniscus previous actuations.

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The residual pressure waves in the ink was competing against the pressure wave upon droplet gener- channel after droplet ejection is known to limit the maximum ation. This could decrease the amount of energy being deliv- jetting frequency of a printhead, which could be prevented by ered AnMo Electronics Dino-Lite AM211 the droplet, and subsequently cause the decrease in the the use of complex waveforms [15]. This may also suggest why air ingestion occurred in for the activator mixture.

The effect of vacuum level was also the jetting trials with high vacuum levels as reported by the Fig.

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