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Asus N56DP Elantech Touchpad Driver

Download ASUS N56DP Notebook Drivers for Windows 10, , 7, Just update ASUS N56DP Notebook drivers for your TouchPad, Elantech Touchpad driver. Touchpad Vt Zip Driver Download Touchpad Elantech Win7 64 Z Zip Driver Download, 3/23/ .. Asus N56dp Notebook Driver Download. Download the latest drivers for your Asus N56DP to keep your Computer up-to-date. This page contains the list of device drivers for Asus N56DP. .. Driver Version: , Vendor: ELAN SMBus Device Name: ASUS Touchpad.


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Asus N56DP Elantech Touchpad Driver

From above, colors became washed out.

Asus 14 Driver Group: updated 4/12/

From below, everything became sort of negative or dark. However, I don't think watching a movie with a couple friends on this laptop would be a problem.

Colors seemed vibrant and brightness level satisfactory. Another positive about the display was the matte finish and overall I'd say it was a good display. One word, shallow! My time with this keyboard was short but immediately I understood what all the fuss was about when people all over the internet complain about all these new Ultrabooks and their shallow Asus N56DP Elantech Touchpad.

This laptop, essentially a stripped down Ultrabook, was no different.

Fudolo: Asus S56ca Driver For Windows Vii Bit / Windows Bit

Key travel felt extremely short, especially the Backspace key for some reason, and to make matters worse the oversensitive touchpad interfered with the Asus N56DP Elantech Touchpad typing experience. I didn't feel like my palm was touching the touchpad at all but apparently even the slightest touch caused the cursor to jump.

Lastly, the keyboard was not backlit so that might turn some people off while true touch typist might not even care. The touchpad was by Elantech. It was overly sensitive, especially while typing.

I wanted to give the keyboard a chance, maybe I just needed time to adjust, but the finicky touchpad made Asus N56DP Elantech Touchpad unacceptable. In the touchpad's defense, I did not have the chance to adjust any of its settings.

My hands are not large nor small but somehow my palms touched the very top edge of the touchpad enough that it caused a noticeable aggravation. It caused the cursor to jump up a few lines screwing up the whole process of typing.

ASUS N56DP драйверы

I wish I could have adjusted Asus N56DP Elantech Touchpad of the settings but I simply ran out of time. The touchpad buttons on the other hand had the perfect click! Not too hard, not too soft but just right.

The speakers in this laptop are on Asus N56DP Elantech Touchpad bottom and will become muffled in put over a soft surface such as a bed or carpet. If you were to set the laptop on a table top, they can generate a lot of sound!


Even with the volume turned all the way up the sound never sounded distorted. This method will limit changes to your desktop environment.

Touchpad for laptop

Multi-tap, two-finger scrolling doesn't work Check "xinput list" and see whether the Elantech touchpad was recognized as an Elantech Click-pad. If so, brenix's comment in psmouse-elantech AUR fixed it for me. Multitouch gestures in Gnome 3 GNOME 3's gnome-shell does its own mouse-handling, which can interfere Asus N56DP Elantech Touchpad synaptics and touchegg settings unless the appropriate plugin is disabled.

Disable Touchpad While Typing One of the criticisms this laptop gets see reviews at Amazon Asus N56DP Elantech Touchpad that the placement of Asus N56DP Elantech Touchpad touchpad results in frequent touchpad brushing during typing. You should use whatever touchpad disabling method you prefer. See Touchpad Synaptics Disable trackpad while typing.

HDMI plugged at boot There seems to be a problem whereby having an HDMI device plugged in at boot results in the screens being switched and also the laptop screen not coming on.


To make this more bearable you can automate switching HDMI on with the following udev rule and script:

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