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Asrock X79 Extreme7 Intel INF Driver

X79 motherboards from the ASRock camp have been a little camera shy, up until now. VR-Zone tease the X79 Extreme7. Asrock X79 Extreme7 Intel SATA RAID Preinstall Driver Asrock X79 Floppy(v)/RSTe_f6_iaStorA_R2_32/ - Ok>. MB, INF driver ver To support Intel IVB-E CPU, corresponding BIOS, drivers and AXTU update are required. Click here to download required.


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Supported systems: Windows Vista, Windows Vista 64-bit, Windows XP 64-bit, Mac OS X, Mac OS X 10.4, Mac OS X 10.5
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Asrock X79 Extreme7 Intel INF Driver

Asrock please update WELL our bios!!!! WillyG If you download it from the bottom of the page, you get instructions for a file only usable in windows. None of us own or use every ASRock board, so we the need contributions of those that have dealt with this BIOS update on their boards, or anything that Asrock X79 Extreme7 Intel INF help others that have or consider applying these updates.

Willy, you found it! I wanted to include it in this thread but could not find it. Thanks for your contribution! I get the feeling that the people that do some of this work are not trained adequately, Asrock X79 Extreme7 Intel INF technically savvy enough to be aware of the situation.

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Regardless, the main point of this thread and my comments are not to criticize ASRock, but to discover and sort out the Asrock X79 Extreme7 Intel INF of these special BIOS updates, and save users and ASRock from the grief caused by the lack of information. Unfortunately, the only warning message about this update refers only to the Instant Flash method, and nothing about the Windows update program method. It also leaves the user wondering if the IME firmware was updated, which is precisely Willy's point.

Same exact thing every time.

I also tried different BIOS versions as well as re-downloading 2. So if your using a Sandy bridge CPU, the new bioses hes talking about do not apply. As they are for the motherboards yours too but to make the board usable with the newer Intel CPU'S that came out after Sandy bridge. Also if your not having issue's Asrock X79 Extreme7 Intel INF begin with do not flash your Bios!!!!

As never fix a none broken computer!! Your point about not fixing what's not broken is true, but new features and options are included in new BIOS versions, as well as fixes for things we did not know are less than perfect. So a new version can be "less broken" than past versions.

Drivers and utilites for ASRock motherboards - choice of model.

Plus how many times have you found new things in a BIOS update that was not mentioned in the description or release notes? Not always, but it does happen. Or at least that is how the chart is configured.


That is the question that remains unanswered. You and others may think that is obvious they aren'twhich I can understand, but is it SO difficult and painful to put that one sentence on the download Asrock X79 Extreme7 Intel INF for the file? Yeah put that statement in there as some change the bios to quickly I guess my statement had a little fear factor in itI have opened up new options in a bios with an up date.


Plus updating the Bios is not like it used to be, less hectic and less chance of loss. As a bonus here is a great "USB" tool for flashing the Bios made it very easy for me with this. It works on any board, I've done many with it. As we now are entering Asrock X79 Extreme7 Intel INF second phase of that, with SB-E processors and X79 boards that can use IVB-E processors, myself and others are wondering what the situation will be with that.

It looks like you that crawling bug avatar drives me crazy, but I also like it, funny I'm starting to see that notion as obviously not Asrock X79 Extreme7 Intel INF, but why no one board manufactures, Intel can't just say, "No, that will not work", is beyond me. Easily the Asrock X79 Extreme7 Intel INF trouble free and cool running PC I have used now or in the past, that when OC'd to 4. That configuration has never been even mentioned as something to take care with, and I would heartily recommend it to anyone.

I think there not back wards compatible, least for me on the Asus X79 board, the tech support stated it wasn't as I wanted to backwards flash it till I realized the broken board cause my bios before the CAPS conversion was over clocking better before the whole fandango.

Download Intel chipset INF Update Driver

Presently I'm awaiting my new Asus X79, to see if that even factored in as now I am suppose to get a brand new board we shall see. Yeah I had a K and a K and loved them, I loved them so much that I'm selling off my K to go back wards and get another K and Asrock X79 Extreme7 Intel INF maximus Gene as that has been the best combo I ever had. Very different from the Asus boards I'm used to.

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