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Asus K46CM WLAN Driver

Wi-Fi board for the Asus laptop. will find all parts and accessories for Asus Zenfone 1 ACG (T00Q): wifi card, Buy here your spare parts for Asus A46CM. ASUS K46CM Atheros WLAN Driver for Windows 7 bit · DOWNLOAD NOW. downloads · Added on: December 28, · Manufacturer. K46CM. Select Other Model. Quickly access your product support. REGISTER YOUR PRODUCT · Driver & Utility · FAQ · Manual & Document · Warranty.


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Asus K46CM WLAN Driver

ASUS A46CM WXH DRIVERS WINDOWS 8 - Asus Supports Driver

I have owned the Asus V1JP for 2 months now ; I have been watching my battery Asus K46CM WLAN deteriorate every week. I know such quick deterioration is not normal so I was going to replace my battery thinking it was the problem. However, many users have reported the very same problemseeing a vast amount of wear percentage on their batteries in a small amount of time and thus causing much lower battery life.

Notebooks Known to be Affected by this Problem: During the conversation in the very active thread discussing this topic, people suggested these as possible solutions for "fixing" the battery: Restart the computer multiple times Ignore third party programs and just use Windows Battery Miser battery level indicator program within Windows Delete all third party programs Complete a Battery Calibration Use the recovery discs to get back to Asus default condition on the laptop Format the laptop and start from scratch Remove battery from laptop and restart, then place it back in Continuously replace your battery when wear percentages appear abnormal None of Asus K46CM WLAN worked, and the battery callibration was suggested by Asus service center staff as something that should be done every couple of months, but this did not help.

Let me try to explain why each of these solutions did not work and why. Battery Calibration Battery Calibration Asus K46CM WLAN a Bios tool in which it will charge and discharge your battery to calculate your current level of watts in your battery, basically your battery life battery calibration tools vary by manufacturer, so refer to your user guide. Despite knowing that, I attempted the calibration.

I tried a regular calibration, compared Asus K46CM WLAN jsis method of calibration.

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This takes a long time and unfortunately it was not able to rectify my wear percentage problem. This also did not solve my problem, but it did work for jsis. I used to get 3 hours.

The Bios is also a factor. More about the ACPI will be explained later and Asus K46CM WLAN it turns out to be the offending factor in this whole battery life issue.

Asus Wireless detection problems

Formatting and restarting the computer This is another solution some members suggested to try, and I did try it, since I currently have a 1 week break from university! I used the recovery discs provided by Asus K46CM WLAN, and then had a look at the Windows Battery Miser and it still stated only 2 hours and 15 minutes of battery life.

Everything went fine except now my Windows Battery Miser stated 2 hours of battery life — another 15 minute drop! However, third party programs helped me understand why this problem is occurring. To start things off, many follow Windows Battery Asus K46CM WLAN as a reliable source for battery charge level and battery life.

They are exactly the same, and do you wonder why? This is because the source of the data is coming from the same place.


I will explain this further in the review. Beyond that, the display hinges keep the lid firmly enough in position, but it nevertheless rocks visibly on even slightly vibrating surfaces. We would appreciate considerably tighter hinges with a firmer hold Asus K46CM WLAN.


The casing can only be dented marginally when stronger pressure is applied by a finger on Asus K46CM WLAN right, above the built-in DVD burner and on the keyboard. The user should handle it very carefully in order to prevent damage. The drive also has too much play which causes unsightly scratches on the drive's upper edge. However, the potential buyer should keep in mind that the ultrabook does not go beyond the standard quality of a low-budget consumer device despite the aluminum components.

The S56CM reaps in plus points especially with its DVD burner in contrast to most ultrabooks, where the optical drive is omitted. Only few contenders Asus K46CM WLAN provide that, e.

Acer's Aspire TimelineUltra M5. The other available interfaces also provide the user with the most important ports: However, the interface distribution is a Asus K46CM WLAN cramped. For example, interfaces are clustered particularly on the casing's left front and could cause a cable mess.


The rear does not have any ports due to Asus K46CM WLAN display's mounting and the battery located between the hinges. The Asus K46CM WLAN merely accommodates the built-in card reader. Audio jack, 2x Asus K46CM WLAN 2. In addition to the standard Ethernet RJ45 port for cabled network access, a Wi-Fi adapter for wireless connections is naturally among these. An integrated Bluetooth interface for wireless file transfer finishes off the S56CM's communication equipment.

Asus' S56CM includes a 45 Watt PSU, a quick start guide and a few information leaflets from the manufacturer in addition to the ultrabook itself and a preinstalled version of the latest Windows 8. We miss a recovery DVD just as much as a partition on the hard disk for resetting the operating system easily and quickly to its default state.

Warranty Asus includes a month warranty on its new mainstream ultrabook free of charge. Although this is standard in this price range, a warranty period of merely 1 year has also established itself among a few manufacturers.

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