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Behringer UCA222 Driver

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Behringer UCA222 Driver

A DAC doesn't have to cost hundreds. It's all about the chip.

Behringer UCA-222

Verified purchase: Behringer UCA222 Condition: While the output sounds good, Behringer UCA222 input has noticeable hiss and noise. The input has no hardware level gain control which is necessary for good recording. The manufacturer has cut too many corners in order to lower the cost.

I can only recommend this product for playing music and not recording. If you just need a cheap stereo line level interface for your computer because the built-in audio doesn't meet your needs Behringer UCA222 may be the ticket.

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It only does 16 bits at This product is a good choice for any well-rounded musician. Interference said: Joined Mar 29, Messages 2 Likes 0. Behringer UCA222 a few more dollars and get the Topping D Mar 29, Is "a few more dollars" quite fair? The D30 costs four times what the UCA does. It goes on sale for less than that. I don't have recommendations for anything Behringer UCA222 that performs well.

Ultimately you have to compare your hardware budget to what you spend on music.

Behringer U-Control UCA222 USB Audio Interface

Dimitri Member Mar 29, Behringer UCA222 around I've found it surprisingly hard to find options with USB in and line out at low price points. Skye Member Nov 20, Joined Nov 2, Messages 7 Likes 3.


Joined Feb 9, Messages 69 Likes Imagine the Possibilities… When used as a professional interface between a mixing console and your computer, myriad options become available. Value For a fraction of the Behringer UCA222 of an overpriced USB audio interface from Behringer UCA222 other guys, you can have state-ofthe- art digital conversion, world-class recording and editing software, and hassle-free connectivity between your PC or Mac Computer and any piece of audio gear.

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Customer Reviews. It's 44,kHz quality is likely to be Behringer UCA222 better than most of the source signals you want to record. There are no level controls.

It expects to receive and deliver industry standard Line-level signals. If you want to record from anything other than a Line Out socket computers, tablets, MP3 Players, audio mixers etc. I have searched long Behringer UCA222 hard for something to fit this requirement and nothing comes close for value and quality.


Seems there is no clicking or popping anymore, not sure what happened most likely a problem with my drivers or something but bumping it Behringer UCA222 up to 5 stars! Still noisy when producing though so if your bothered by that I would get something a little more expensive!


Definitely a brilliant item! I bought this as a cheap way to use my analog mixer as an audio interface and whilst it does that job perfectly, there are a couple of Behringer UCA222 that niggle at the audiophile in me.

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When it's not being used Behringer UCA222 seems to have an automatic gate built in so that when no sound is playing there is no noise at all, the only problem with this is when short sounds are played such as clicking in folders in windows explorer you can hear a pop or unwanted click every time. Although I would like it if someone else could let Behringer UCA222 know if they've encountered this problem as I may just have a defective unit or a problem on my PC! Behringer UCA222 'gate' doesn't engage when the interface is 'active', for example, when producing or editing music in a DAW, the software will keep the interface constantly active, the only problem with Behringer UCA222 is there is some fairly audible noise.

This probably wouldn't be noticeable to your every day listener and I suppose Behringer UCA222 have fairly expensive monitor speakers and headphones which picks up this noise more. If however you produce or edit music I would probably look for something with a better THD rating. This item is probably the cheapest functional and decent quality item on the market that Behringer UCA222 could find. I've had no issues with it at all and I'm glad for my purchase.

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