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Asus CUV4X-V Driver

Free drivers for ASUS CUV4X-V. Found 23 files for Windows XP, Windows , Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 95, Windows NT, Linux, DOS, Windows. ASUS CUV4X-V. Manual Revision: E Release Date: September No part of this manual, including the products and software described in it, may. ASUS CUV4X Mainboard is based on VIA X/Z chipset with ATX form factor for the latest support in Intel II/III ,+MHz Coppermine.


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Asus CUV4X-V Driver

An AMR is not included with this motherboard. Because of this Asus CUV4X-V its location, the slot can Asus CUV4X-V accept a specially designed AMR card optional. The components of a standard AMR card and its bracket face toward the edge of the motherboard while those of the speciallydesigned card face the expansion slots. For availability, see your vendor or dealer.

Some pins are used for connectors or power sources.

These are clearly distinguished from jumpers in the Motherboard Asus CUV4X-V. Placing jumper caps over these connector pins will cause damage to your motherboard.

CUV4X-V. JumperFree PC/VC AGP Pro/4X Motherboard USER S MANUAL - PDF

Ribbon cables should always be connected with Asus CUV4X-V red stripe Asus CUV4X-V Pin 1 on the connectors. Pin 1 is usually on the side closest to the power connector on hard drives and CD-ROM drives, but may be on the opposite Asus CUV4X-V on floppy disk drives. Check the connectors before installation because there may be exceptions. IDE ribbon cable must be less than 46 cm 18 in. If one is not detected, expansion cards can use IRQ COM1 is ready for use while COM2 requires a serial port bracket connected from the motherboard to an expansion slot opening.

Serial printers must be connected to the serial port.

Connect MIDI devices for playing or editing professional audio. Line In light blue allows tape players or other audio sources to be recorded by your computer or played through the Line Out lime. Mic pink allows microphones to be connected for inputting voice. If you install two hard disks, you Asus CUV4X-V configure the Asus CUV4X-V drive to Slave mode by setting its jumper accordingly.

Refer to your hard disk documentation for the jumper settings.

CUV4X-V - ASUS Motherboards Mainboards Drivers Manuals BIOS

Pin 20 is removed to prevent inserting in the wrong orientation when Asus CUV4X-V ribbon cables with pin 20 plugged. You may configure two hard disks to be both Masters with two ribbon cables one for the primary IDE connector and another for the secondary IDE connector. After connecting the single end to the board, connect the two plugs on the other end to the floppy drives.

Pin 5 is removed to prevent inserting in the wrong orientation when using ribbon cables with pin 5 plugged. The connector powers up the system when a wakeup packet or signal is received Asus CUV4X-V the LAN card. The connector powers up the system when a ringup packet or signal is received through the internal modem card. Orientate the fans so that the Asus CUV4X-V sink fins allow airflow to go across the onboard heat sink s instead of the expansion slots.

CUV4X-V. JumperFree PC133/VC133 AGP Pro/4X Motherboard USER S MANUAL

Depending on the fan manufacturer, the wiring and plug Asus CUV4X-V be different. The red wire should be positive, while the black should be ground.


Connect the fan s plug to the board Asus CUV4X-V into consideration the polarity of the connector. The Rotation signal is Asus CUV4X-V be used only by a specially designed fan with rotation signal. These are not jumpers, do not place jumper caps over these pins.

ASUS CUV4X-V - motherboard - ATX - Socket 370 - Pro133A Specs

Connect the USB headers to an optional 2-port USB connector set and mount the bracket to Asus CUV4X-V open slot on your chassis. This module mounts to a small opening on system cases that support this feature.

Use the five pins Asus CUV4X-V shown in Back View and connect a ribbon cable from the module to the motherboard s SIR connector according to the pin definitions. An optional consumer infrared CIR set connects to the CIR and SIR connectors simultaneously for both wireless transmitting and remote control functions through one external infrared module. If Asus CUV4X-V are not using an ASUS ipanel, you can connect an optional wireless transmitting and receiving infrared module to the SIR connector or an optional consumer infrared connector set to the CIR and SIR connectors for both wireless transmitting and remote control functions through one external infrared module.

The MODEM connector allows the onboard audio to interface with a voice modem card with a similar Asus CUV4X-V. The plug from the power supply will only insert in one orientation because of the different hole sizes. Asus CUV4X-V the proper orientation and push down firmly making sure that the pins are aligned.


You may experience difficulty in powering ON your system if your power supply cannot support the load. SMBCLK SMBus is Asus CUV4X-V specific implementation Asus CUV4X-V an I 2 C bus, which is a multidevice bus; that is, multiple chips can be connected to the same bus and each one can act as a master Asus CUV4X-V initiating data transfer. The sensor is triggered when a high level signal is sent to this lead, which occurs when a panel switch or light detector is triggered.

If the chassis intrusion lead is not used, a jumper cap must be placed over Asus CUV4X-V pins to close the circuit. If the case-mounted LED does not light, try reversing the 2-pin plug.

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