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Asus EAX1950 Driver

CPU: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU GHz @MHz, MHz FSB, HT - EM64T - Video: ATI XPro MB DDR3 (Asus EAX) - Sound Card: SB Live! Price history, statistics and insights for Asus Radeon EAX CrossFire/HP MB. With better cooling and potentially better overclocking does the ASUS EAX Pro have what it takes to compete under $ with the.


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Asus EAX1950 Driver

Because this video card does not duct the air outside your Asus EAX1950 all of that hot air gets blown right into your case. The standard reference heatsink from Xsus is a one-slot design and this new design from ASUS will take up two-slots, but should provide better cooling.

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Looking at the video card you would think this would be heavy, but the opposite is true in this case, it is much lighter than it looks. Asus EAX1950 12, Author: It makes us ask what the point of that is really.

The reasoning behind such calculation lies with playable Asus EAX1950. Should card A score FPS in a benchmark and card Asus EAX1950then card B would normally receive an extra 50 marks in our bang4buck assessment, even though both cards produce perfectly playable framerates and anything above 60FPS is a bonus and not a necessity for most. There's always the overclocking option, but if you attempt that with a value oriented videocard Asus EAX1950 probably find it doesn't boost gaming performance by much.

ATi has dramatically increased the value of its videocards with the release Asus EAX1950 the ATI Radeon X Pro, this card has a remarkable among of bang for the buck. The 'bestest most fabulous' aspect of the Radeon X Pro generation is that ATi has done away with the clumsy Crossfire implementation hardware.


There are no Asus EAX1950 messy external connector cables, no more Master videocards It doesn't come with a whole lot of software for an Asus videocard, only a driver disc and some Asus video utilities. The heatsink is all aluminum with a white plastic shroud.

In fact, this video card surprised us when we removed it from the box. Looking at the video card you would think this would be heavy, but the opposite is true in this case, it is much lighter than it looks. You will notice the two native CrossFire connectors atop the Asus EAX1950 card; these will be used when running in Asus EAX1950.


It's sort of an odd mix, as the heatsinks' exhaust vent doesn't Asus EAX1950 exhaust anything of that hot air outside the chassis. The bundled in accessories are limited to the basics; a component output splitter cable, power cord, and DVI-to-Analog adaptor.

Clearly this is a mainstream card aimed at a mainstream audience. Oddly, a native Crossfire Bridge Interconnect Cable is not included with this videocard Asus have an another, identical videocard Asus EAX1950 the 'crossfire' name branded on the box that does ship Asus EAX1950 two cables, but what's the point of this?

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