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Asus N53TK Touchpad Driver

Hot Item NEW FOR ASUS N53SV N53 N53S N53J N53TA N53TK N53SM asus keyboard protector Price; motherboard Price; asus touchpad. ASUS Laptop Drivers. ASUS N53TK Laptop Drivers Download TouchPad, Version V /10/ MBytes. Elantech Touchpad. Download Asus laptop and netbook drivers or install DriverPack Solution for automatic driver update.


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Asus N53TK Touchpad Driver

Here, you can use your cursor, and you can go back to interacting with the smaller display by pressing the X on the top right.


The company is also working on a beta feature that lets you quickly trigger the trackpad mode by swiping three fingers across the panel, and a few seconds after you stop using the mouse, the black rectangle will disappear. The ScreenPad 2. It's nice to see this feature trickle down to presumably less Asus N53TK Touchpad laptops this quickly, and ASUS seems willing to work out the kinks in its ambitious vision for the future of laptop controls.

But will secondary touchscreens on our notebooks Asus N53TK Touchpad off? I'm fascinated, but still not entirely sold.

ASUS N53TK Laptop Drivers Download – Software

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Lower the resolution slightly, and we have a stable 30fps. Power-saving mode only the apumedium detail runs 30fps.

I imagine that with good cooling, you could run this laptop at insane overclocks. Asus N53TK Touchpad out works as "well" as any other computer with an ati card and catalyst.

It's not easy to set up, and you have little control over Asus N53TK Touchpad the image is mirrored, or how things work if you use only one display. Asus N53TK Touchpad correction is terrible. It seems to be possible to run p output while transferring the display to the external screen only. But low quality and the ati smear and bloom saturation makes streaming to a box a better option though it works in a pinch, and will play that blu-ray movie reasonably well - not completely sure if it actually works with hdcpi - haven't checked yet.

Spare parts for N53TK

Doubt it, though. But it had no impact on the heat in the chassis at all until I overclocked the ram timing.


At standard timing, the surface and back of the chassis is cool, but the fan goes up one level. I could run the bus speed up to what seems to be the limit at Mhz there's some sort of two-way bus with effective speeds at 2x the bus-speed without any impact on the heat or watt-drain. Increasing the ram timing just a couple of Mhz increased the heat very quickly, though at least the heat dispersion is good.

What seems to happen with the memory timing is that the internal memory speed is locked higher in the boost state, and Asus N53TK Touchpad the dedicated and onboard graphics run at the same clock speed. Apparently the apu and the Asus N53TK Touchpad board share a channel on the memory bus.


Not sure how this is done Asus N53TK Touchpad I haven't opened it, but the ram pieces the gpu says: The timing seems to have been made with that in mind, with a bit too high volt on the ram for a netbook. Presumably because of the mode-switching. The high volt probably is what makes the bus-overclock have no impact on the drain.

The box underclocks just as amazingly well. This isn't as good as the 9w my Eee idles at in the same conditionsbut still. Not bad at all. It doesn't seem to affect the drain much at all either - the rest of Asus N53TK Touchpad system is pretty much constant at low cpu speeds while not running the extra radeon card. Unless something intense happens such as Windows deciding to scare me to death with how many security glitches Win7 has acquired in the last Asus N53TK Touchpad hoursthe processor is stuck at the lowest p-state.

ASUS N53TK Notebook Drivers Download

With the "standard" laptop battery, this means Asus N53TK Touchpad get 4 hours at Mhz while: This is practically speaking actually more than I get on my Eee So much for that project. It also means that anything involving a graphics card of some sort or multicore doesn't Asus N53TK Touchpad draw any more power, or suddenly start to peak the power-drain. Adding the ssd disk no doubt affected this somewhat.

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