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Aopen DXPL-U Series Driver

Aopen DXPL-U - DXPL Plus-U RAM! Prices recently reduced to save you money on memory. Upgrade your Aopen DXPL-U - DXPL Plus-U today! This page contains information about installing the latest AOpen DXPL-U Series driver downloads using the AOpen Driver Update Tool. AOpen DXPL-U Series drivers are tiny programs that enable your Server hardware to communicate with your operating system software. Maintaining updated. Aopen Sound Card Drivers. audiorzip (DXPL-U Series Avance Logic AC'97 Sound System Software ver: A) This site maintains listings of sound card.


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Aopen DXPL-U Series Driver

Read and save these instructions. After installation, the compatibility of the two pieces of equipment must be confirmed, by measuring the air flows of the ERV, by using the balancing procedure found in this manual.

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NEVER install a ventilator in a situation where its normal operation, lack of operation or partial failure may Aopen DXPL-U Series in the backdrafting or improper functioning of vented combustion equipment. The hot line black is the proper line for switching. Use either a voltmeter or test lamp to confirm the absence of a voltage between the disconnect switch and ground on the cabinet while the door is Aopen DXPL-U Series. This procedure must be followed, as dwellings are occasionally wired improperly.

AOpen DXPS Easy Installation Manual Page 4

Always enure the proper grounding of the unit. If the installation requires further wiring, have a licensed electrician make all of the electrical connections. The ERV provides fresh air to your home while recovering energy from the air it exhausts.

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There are numerous benefits to a properly installed, operated, and maintained ERV: Selecting the Ventilation Rate that is right for You The modes of operation and speeds are used to adjust your indoor ventilation rate. Experiment with the ventilation levels in your home to evaluate the ideal amount of ventilation to suit your home and personal preferences. You may, for example, select Continuous Ventilation at a low speed speeds 1 or 2 for normal operation and increase to a higher speed speeds 3 to 5 during increased activity levels, such as cooking and showering, etc.

Aopen DXPL-U Series can use this ventilation mode at low speed for low household activity levels Aopen DXPL-U Series when the home is unoccupied. How the Dehumidistat Works Installation Manual for instructions on how to set the dehumidistat.

The dehumidistat function should be set to OFF for all seasons except the heating season, because a dehumidifying effect occurs only when the outdoor air is dryer than the indoor air. Refer to the control instructions for information on how to set the Dehumidistat.

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High indoor humidity levels, during the heating season, have become a problem in many well insulated, tight homes. Excessive condensation on the windows is a visual sign of high indoor humidity levels. High indoor humidity levels can result in mold and mildew and the eventual degradation of the building Aopen DXPL-U Series itself. Your ERV reduces indoor humidity levels when the outdoor air is drier than the indoor air. During the heating season, the operation of the ERV may reduce Aopen DXPL-U Series humidity levels sufficiently to eliminate the need for further dehumidification.

Aopen DXPL-U Manuals

If your home requires further dehumidification, use the dehumidistat feature located on the main control. This feature aggressively addresses high indoor humidity levels by initiating high speed ventilation when the indoor humidity levels rise above the adjustable set point on the control.

Refer to the main control instructions located in the Operation and Glossary and Additional Information ERV - a Energy Recovery Ventilator ERV is designed to provide fresh Aopen DXPL-U Series into a building while exhausting an equal amount of stale air. During the winter months, heat recovered from the stale air, before it is exhausted to the outdoors, warms the incoming cold fresh air.


During the summer months, when the indoor space is air conditioned, the ERV helps to cool the incoming fresh air with the cool exhausted stale air. The ERV cycles through the available speeds and tests the damper motor operation. The ERV defaults back Aopen DXPL-U Series the Aopen DXPL-U Series operational mode and speed selection after the self-test approximately 60 seconds in duration.

Set the main control to speed 0 to set the ERV in standby. You can download the manual at www.


Warranty Register for your warranty at: Units carry a ten 10 year warranty on the enthalpic ERV core and a five 5 year replacement parts warranty. The "ON Indicator Light" will illuminate.

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