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Allen & Heath XONE 3D Driver

Allen & Heath Xone 3D please note: this mixer is now discontinued - thus can be picked up for bargain prices I bought a 3D last year, second. The Xone:3D is a unique performance DJ controller that for the first time enables the seamless integration of computer-based digital media into the traditional DJ. Create your custom Allen & Heath XONE 3D skins, decals, covers, & stickers today at ! Buy online & ship worldwide. Choose from + devices.


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Allen & Heath XONE 3D Driver

If you tally the cost of a pair of turntables, a pair of CD players and a normal mixer, however, you're probably going to be in the same price range or even higher, depending on the quality of the gear.


Considering the endless mixing and effects possibilities, combined with a world-class DJ mixer with integrated controls, this is an excellent solution for DJs looking to take advantage of everything the world of digital audio has to offer. Excellent construction, sound quality, features and flexibility.

Allen & Heath XONE:3D Skins Custom Sticker Covers & Decals

Top quality, professional unit. Some MIDI glitches.


Headphone and mic jacks on the front may be a problem for club installations. How To. Home Gear. Related Articles.

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By Jason Blum. By Emusician.

In addition to the EQs there are two separate filters, with controls laid out on either side of the faders. Channels are routed to the filter via the crossfader assignment switches — any channels assigned to the left side of the crossfader pass through filter 1, and anything assigned to the right goes through filter 2.

If you are not mixing with the crossfader, Allen & Heath XONE 3D can turn it off and just use the switches for filter assignment. The filters are switched on using the same nice fat buttons with light rings around them that appear in various other places on the unit.

There are frequency and resonance knobs, and three mode buttons for selecting low-pass, band-pass, or high-pass mode. An LFO can be assigned to either or both filters, and features a tap tempo control. You can also sync the LFO to the main tempo clock.

The filters are great fun, and have been designed to work with just about whatever you throw at Allen & Heath XONE 3D, while never doing anything so extreme that it could damage a PA or the punters' ears. The filters are the only on-board effects, but you do get two effects sends and returns, labelled FX1 and FX2.

Allen & Heath Xone:3D

Unfortunately, the FX1 pre-fade switches on the review unit had sunk behind the front panel and couldn't be used. The channel faders feel nice and smooth unlike the MIDI faders which feel a bit more plasticky and the crossfader has the luxury of continuously-variable shape control. There are separate outputs and level controls for the main mix, booth monitors and headphones, and you get both mini-jack and quarter-inch headphone outputs thank you!

The Allen & Heath XONE 3D mix can Allen & Heath XONE 3D switched to monitor either of the effect send busses, and there's a knob for blending the main mix into the cans for checking — a godsend if there are no booth monitors.

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All in all, as an audio mixer the 3D is really nice: The MIDI controls are split into two identical sections located on either side of the analogue mixer. The upper half of each side is arranged into four vertical strips, each with an endless encoder with an integral push button, two pots, a fader, and three small buttons.

Allen & Heath Xone 3D

In the bottom half Allen & Heath XONE 3D each MIDI section you get another rotary encoder, four Allen & Heath XONE 3D the big buttons, and a large jog wheel which you can press down at the four points of the compass for another four switch messages. Let's get the main problem with the mixer out of the way now: It looks like they could have been spread out more given the panel space, but apparently the designers were constrained by the dimensions of the internal components.

As it stands, the encoders and pots are a bit fiddly to use as you can't get your fingers between them, and you end up having to pinch at them from the top.

All the controls transmit a specific MIDI message which can't be changed, so the unit relies on software that can learn or assign controls, which Allen & Heath XONE 3D can these days. Two templates are provided on the CD: The audio tracks each have different plug-in effects, and the MIDI track has a Simpler patch loaded up with some effects.

Allen & Heath Xone 3D/4D cover

Clearly this is meant as an example, rather than a direct template. It would probably make sense if there was also a complete template, with eight tracks assigned to all the channels on the 3D.

However, chances are you will want to make some changes to the template to suit your own way of working, so you're going to need to put some work in before getting any serious use out of the 3D. Allen & Heath XONE 3D have a look at how the template is set up, as it shows some of the possibilities and has a few assignments that you would definitely want to keep.


One thing you notice straight away is that the response is a bit sluggish, especially when you move several faders at once. Surprisingly, you don't seem to notice this too much when you're actually playing a set. The first row of knobs above the faders is mapped to the Panners in Live. In a DJ'ing situation you'll probably get more use out of Allen & Heath XONE 3D if you reassign them to something else.

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