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Acer Travelmate 341T Driver

In-depth review of the Acer TravelMate PMGFU (Intel Core i5 U, Nvidia GeForce M, ", 3 kg) with numerous measurements. This Acer TravelMate T Battery from is rated at V with a capacity of mAh. This replacement battery is % compatible and will. Acer TravelMate T laptop battery. AC adapter for Acer TravelMate Laptops 19VA mmmm. List Price: $ Our Price: $


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Acer Travelmate 341T Driver

Visuals and images appear sharp and clear and viewing angles are wide; around degrees. The degree hinge system allows the display panel to lie flat, which makes this laptop ideal for collaboration and discussion.

TMXMZ0 Laptops Acer Professional Solutions

What powers this business laptop is an Intel Core iU 2. Furthermore, the TravelMate X also features an LED backlit keyboard to which enables Acer Travelmate 341T to use it even under low-light conditions. It also comes with a spacious touchpad, a recent trend in all HP laptops.


This provides users with comfortable input and responsive navigation. The p HDR webcam mounted on board is ideal for high-quality video-conferencing.

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It is also decked with multiple connection ports including USB 2. A Kensington Lock port is also included for securing this laptop Acer Travelmate 341T office or home. We recommend that you determine the amount of mAh of your current battery and decide what it is that you want: You are currently satisfied and select a battery with a similar capacity.


You want to improve your user experience and select a battery with a higher Acer Travelmate 341T at a slightly higher price. You can manage with less mAh and save money by selecting a cheaper battery. It allows, for example, access to the system via facial recognition.


Accessories Besides a quick-start poster and warranty information, Acer Travelmate 341T notebook is not shipped with any accessories. Operating System Our review unit uses a preloaded version of Windows 7 bit Professional, but the buyer of the notebook can also use Windows 8.

A corresponding image is stored on the hard drive. The notebook is shipped with a printed manual that explains how you can Acer Travelmate 341T the operating systems.

Acer TravelMate XMRM - External Reviews

Recovery DVDs are not provided. Maintenance We already mentioned that the TravelMate does not have Acer Travelmate 341T maintenance cover. To access the hardware, you first have to remove all screws at the bottom and then carefully lift the bottom cover.

We used a flat object for that. The TravelMate has two memory slots, one of which is equipped with an 8 GB module.

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Acer Travelmate 341T Replacing the hard drive is a very simple process, and the battery could be replaced as well if it is defective. Warranty Acer grants a two-year warranty for the TravelMate — including a pick-up service.

Input Devices Keyboard The chiclet keyboard of the Acer is Acer Travelmate 341T illuminated, which is not really understandable when Acer Travelmate 341T consider the price level and the targeted customer group. Universal charger A universal charger is capable to charge more than just your device and you can use it for other devices. Therefore both the functioning and the price can differ from a regular charger.

Amperage The load capacity of a charger is indicated in the unit milli ampere mA or A. The higher the amount of A, the faster your device will be charged.

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