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Acer Aspire 5538G Driver

Acer has become a rival to Apple's industrial design. While the Aspire G isn't as sleek as Acer's premium notebooks, it turns heads. How do you get a full-featured notebook to clock in under six hundred bucks? Toss an AMD processor in it. Acer Aspire E15 iU. HP Pavilion X " iU Pen. Intel Graphics Media Accelerator (GMA) MHD: Onboard (shared Memory) GPU built in the GM45, GE45 and GS45 chipset (Montevina).


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Acer Aspire 5538G Driver

Review: Acer Aspire 5538G

Witness the Acer Aspire G. On the surface, it is hardly noteworthy. The It's a touch above average weight 5.

Acer Aspire 5538G Performance clocks in at the level of the cheapest Intel-based machines in this class, but within the realm of acceptability. If nothing else, having the discrete graphics card is a nice touch that at least makes gaming a possibility, albeit a bumpy one.

Acer Aspire G Manuals

With all that said, there's one devilishly compelling thing about the Aspire G: Its price. We said notebook here, people, not netbook.

With this Aspire, Acer offers a substantial savings over the other guy. Still, sacrifices will have to be made.

A 30 percent performance deficit and a weak battery aren't unsubstantial concerns — but they may not materially impact every user. Heavy web users and bloggers prefer Acer Aspire 5538G setup as it lets them create content on one display while researching their facts and sources on the other. The ability to route audio and Acer Aspire 5538G to external displays with speakers over a single HDMI cable is a life-saver.


In either case, an additional cable is needed to route audio to your external display, desktop speakers, or your home stereo system. The included Acer Arcade Deluxe media center app is a decent replacement for Windows Media Center with a shiny interface that lets you watch movies, Acer Aspire 5538G music, and browse photos with style. Windows Media Center on the Aspire G shown playing a p movie with the menus overlaid with gradient transparency - not a frame dropped there.

In addition, Windows Media Center on this machine supports a stunning effect, Acer Aspire 5538G you to browse the menus overlaid with gradual transparency over live p video. Needless to say, DVD movies play without a hiccup and look awesome upscaled to p, thanks to hardware antialiasing on the part of the ATI Acer Aspire 5538G. How about web videos?

Acer Aspire 5538G Manuals

Acer Arcade Deluxe is an excellent media center app, also optimized for HD entertainment. Because the current Flash Player decodes video in software, playback performance depends solemnly on your processor. Luckily, there is a fix. Their p counterparts Acer Aspire 5538G a lot in both iTunes and QuickTime Player.

Review: Acer Aspire G notebook, an affordable mobile HD entertainment solution -

Non-protected H. Modern Warfare 2 was a pain.

Yes, Photoshop addicts will want more power to do high-end filters and heavy office workers may find 4GB of RAM constraining when running Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, a browser, and a Acer Aspire 5538G of utilities at the same time. The Aspire is an excellent email, web, and communication tool.

Another cool feature: When you start a video chat in apps like Skype or Windows Live Messenger, the Acer PrimaLite software kicks in to improve the video quality — it does make a difference compared to raw video chat. Software support In addition to Windows 7 Home Premium, the review unit came preloaded with a bunch of really useful apps, not the crippled stuff or bloatware you find on other Acer Aspire 5538G.

Like other branded notebooks, the Aspire sports a hidden partition containing a system image that you can restore Acer Aspire 5538G should something go terribly wrong.


You basically check a few settings, Acer Aspire 5538G the Install button, and enjoy your freshly reinstalled system half an hour later. The notebook ships without system restore discs, but you can and should burn the OS image, factory apps and settings to DVDs so you can reinstall default software if your hard drive dies.

Final thoughts: It is my opinion that the Aspire G is a great web machine, an efficient productivity tool, a pleasing HD entertainment center, Acer Aspire 5538G a modest gaming machine. Other than that, the Aspire runs the common apps most people use surprisingly well and its discrete ATI chip is a life-savior for full HD entertainment and casual gaming.

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