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Asus RAID 3Ware 9550SX 4LP Driver

Putting a 3Ware SX 4 channel into an HP ProLiant MLG2. Link to device: 3ware SXU-4LP: RAID Controllers: Products. Right now, I have the drives setup in a 10 drive RAID 0 stripe, but I'm planning to I think the issue was resolved but since the 3ware raid set worked I simply left it in the system. ASUS M5A78L-MLX Model: S-4LP. setup (my old ASUS motherboard croaked and I've upgraded quite a few co My new system recognizes the Promise RAID card and drives without a . Loops/Samples: 3Ware SX-4LP PCI-x RAID (JBOD) - 2x WD.


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Asus RAID 3Ware 9550SX 4LP Driver

ASL - Marquis C Specifications

Expansion Slots Installing An Expansion Card Configuring An Expansion Card Interrupt Assignments Asus RAID 3Ware 9550SX 4LP Onboard LEDs Connectors Rear Panel Connectors Internal Connectors Chapter 3: Powering Up Powering Off The Computer Chapter 4: BIOS Setup Menu Bar Menu Items Submenu Items Navigation Keys General Help In the end, everything ran fine, but the system was much more noisy than it had to be. In contrast, the Intel Core 2 Quad runs very cool and quiet with the stock fan.

We didn't try that combination, but it stands to reason that it should blow away the Intel Core 2 Quad. The processors themselves are faster, and having two sockets theoretically brings you closer to what you expect from four CPUs in scalability. However, this configuration represents a big jump in total price.

The two processors are more expensive than Asus RAID 3Ware 9550SX 4LP single Core 2 Quad, and you'll need an extremely hefty power supply more than 1, Watts to power the processors and video card.

That's a lot of power, which means you'll also be generating a lot of heat. Think of it as a trade-off.

You may pay through the nose for an ultimate system, but you can lower the house thermostat and throw away your stove. With one possible exception common to most motherboards, the layout is excellent.

It includes onboard power, reset and CMOS clear buttons. There is a rear LCD panel with backlight, but we didn't find a need to use it.


The motherboard includes excellent built-in HD audio via an add-in card located above the display card slot. It can run up to 1,MHz for the front-side bus. The Core 2 Quad processor we chose needs only a 1,MHz front-side bus. It supports up to ten USB connections, four of which are connected to the rear connectors on the motherboard.


Figure 2. The power and reset switches along with USB ports and drive activity light are recessed into the top of the case.

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